Do you dive into your wounds
or do you stitch them up and never enter?
I dive so deep.
I swim in my trauma.
I float in my healing.
I believe in nursing my wounds
from the inside out.
Because sexual violence is a wound
that will not close.


We, the survivors, will fight the evil forces of
the patriarchy. We will never submit. We are
here to make rapists afraid. We are here to
expose the harsh realities and truths that our
society does not want to face. Rape happens.
Sexual assault happens. Sexual harassment
happens. Everyday. All the time. To most of us.
To some of us, more than once. To some of us,
again and again. We must not be silent. We will
fight for our right to live. We will get louder
and louder. No more business as usual. We will
fight rape culture in hope of a better world for
ourselves and for future generations. We will
not live in fear. We recognize the full
potential of our power. We will use it however
we can to fight the patriarchy. We will rise. We
will believe and support all fellow survivors.
Why live with our experiences alone in silence
when we can all scream as one? We will speak out
against all injustice. This is a fight for the
oppressed, for the marginalized, for the
victimized, for the hurt. This is a call to
speak out. Our words are our weapons. We will
hold rapists accountable. We will eradicate our
guilt and our shame. We are not victims. We are
the survivors.